Entry #1

Please listen to my music

2008-09-17 23:31:09 by Anthouse21

Yall to listen to them and vote all day but what I really want is reviews. wanna know why yall voted the way yall did, so i could know how to better myself or to keep doing what im doing. That is all i ask. Thanks alot i hope to see some reviews. Please no auto zeros.

Please listen to my music


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2008-09-18 21:20:14

You. Are. Not. Cool. GTFO.

"yall" is not a word.


2008-10-20 11:12:29

90532 is the audio ID for Rage of the Champions (Castle Crasher Song)
Like i've commented before, would Love to hear you add your own style to that song lol :P

Anthouse21 responds:

Hey i just posted that track for ya. Tell me what you think thanks!


2008-11-25 21:07:40


Your the one who needs to GTFO.

Anthouse21 responds:

LOL thanks for the backup!


2008-12-11 15:09:30

I've noticed after listening to pretty much all of your submissions, you need to make some Zelda songs. There's such a large variety of songs in the zelda series. You should deff make a few remixes.

Anthouse21 responds:

Thanks ill get started on that. Sorry i took so long to answer i didnt notice the comments here.