Why give the Automatic ZERO?!?!?

2009-01-17 14:09:56 by Anthouse21

Everytime i watch one of my songs make it to the front page of video game audio. Or the top 30, someone comes and votes zero to knock my song off. Whats the point really? Alot of people love my music. And wonder why its never heard. Whoever you people are the do that just please stop. Just because my track made it to the top spot or one spot above yours doesn't mean you have to down it. Please just vote honestly and enjoy my music. Thanks!The Fight Mix (Be Honest)

Why give the Automatic ZERO?!?!?


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2009-01-18 09:24:11

Well some peapole are just hard to understand netiher they are kind of jealous a perosn have the skills to make songs or they are just imature poor bast*rds. Though many peapole are just members on NG for the vote capasati (sorry i´m swed o you know not perfect english^^)


2009-02-07 01:07:06

Because this world is full of assholes. You should know that by now x_x


2009-02-15 19:19:55

Get useto them zeroes when you sound this good. Its hilarious im enjoying making them n***as angrier.


2009-02-15 19:28:40

everyone that left a comment so far is right.
Rarely do people gove props to ppl who deserve it, so dont take anything personal.
Just stay up on ya shyt ya know
Half of them zero bomb jus because or because ur better than them, thats why they leave no review
Lejin knows if not anyone lolz
do u n keep the music up i digsz



2009-11-17 07:32:28

well and maybe they simply don't like it...
why is somebody a hater cause he doesn't like what most people do?
or is it always the same person doing that to you?


2009-12-08 16:56:14

Hey, Thanks for Letting me decide weather or not to put up my Jenova 8-bit version, i did it And the percussion of that 8-bit song is really hard for me to do o.e

Check it out :D!


2009-12-08 19:31:51

Oh and By the way, Depending upon the Hour during the day will also dtermine how peopel will vote, Usually late and night and earli mornings arent best Cause groogy and tired And usually wont like the Loud songs, during mid day is when people dont usually like the Soft songs. It depends upon the hour of the day :|